About Paramount Pursuits

Our Purpose

At Paramount Pursuits, we’re all about relationships. As an entrepreneur, you deserve every opportunity to learn, collaborate with others, and have access to all the tools you need to start and grow a successful business.

We combine our educational offerings with professional mentoring and networking events to introduce you to a whole new world of entrepreneurial adventure. Based on your individual needs, we build a team to guide you on your journey as you develop new business skills and acumen. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but with Paramount Pursuits you always have someone to rely on.

As part of our collaborative efforts, we’ve created a workplace that takes office space to a whole new level — mixing community, inspiration, knowledge and collaboration to bring new life to your work. It’s a place to brainstorm and build new connections. Get creative. Inspire a fellow entrepreneur. Make business deals. Meet new people.

Located just 15 miles from Pittsburgh, Paramount Pursuits is outfitted with a variety of workspaces to best fit your needs. Whether you need a place for an occasional meeting or a dedicated office space, we got you covered. Check out our workspace options! Click here

Co-owners Trish and Marcos Digliodo and their team lead Paramount Pursuits. Based on your needs, they’ll connect you with professionals from their business advisor team.

While fast wi-fi and killer coffee are definitely awesome reasons to join our community, the connections you make at Paramount Pursuits are invaluable. Instead of working alone, you now have a team of coworkers helping you improve, grow and promote your business.

Our Mission

Paramount Pursuits is an economic development consulting firm that focuses on business incubation and Main Street revitalization. We work with entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses which directly contributes to the economic growth of their local communities. We strive to ensure inclusivity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Pittsburgh Region and work diligently to break barriers to entrepreneurship.

Our Team

Marcos Digliodo
Co-Founder & CEO, Paramount Pursuits

Marcos also enjoys working with entrepreneurs to grow their business and see success.

Trish Digliodo
Co-Founder & President, Paramount Pursuits

Trish is the Co-Founder and President of Paramount Pursuits, a small business incubator program and coworking space in Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Keisha Whatley
Reporting and Client Coordination Specialist

Keisha is the founder and owner of Custom Arts Studio, a full service fine art & design company.

Rick Purk
Director, Paramount Pursuits

Rick is the engine that keeps the Paramount staff organized and running smoothly. He’s often the first point of contact for entrepreneurs seeking assistance and is the “face” of Paramount to new visitors, guests and clients.

Tori Snyder
Business Mentor

Tori is a 3x Telly award-winning producer, and a diversity and inclusion education trainer.

Matthew Bresnahan
Marketing Specialist

Matthew is a Marketing Specialist with Paramount Enterprises, developing marketing plans and marketing materials for local entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders

Kerry Flowers
Business Mentor

Kerry provides branding services to small businesses and startups with over 4 years of design experience. She specializes in custom wedding stationery with flair and loads of uniques details.

Aquene Watkins-Wise
Aquene Watkins-Wise

CEO and Community Wellness Advocate with Royally Fit, Aquene Watkins-Wise relishes the opportunity to serve her community, facilitating wellness, growth and healing.

Kristen Santiago
Business Mentor

As a small business owner and mentor, Kristen is an advocate for her community through her support of artists and entrepreneurs.

Hamilton Digliodo,
Security Specialist

Upon entering the Paramount Co-Op offices, you will be greeted by Security Specialist Hamilton Digliodo.