Marcos Digliodo

Marcos Digliodo

Born in Argentina, Marcos first came to the United States on a Tennis Scholarship to the University of Colorado - Boulder. Having played tennis since the age of 4, he used his expertise in tennis to build his education. Having studied International Business in college, Marcos put that knowledge to use in building his Wine Distribution company in South Carolina. When the opportunity presented itself, Marcos moved to Beaver County in 2015 to start a new adventure.

Between 2014 and 2016, Marcos Digliodo spearheaded and managed the purchase of nine (9) Vacant and/or Under-Used Properties in Beaver County on behalf of Paramount Enterprises. He continues to serve as a Project Manager for the renovation projects and looks for additional investment opportunities for Paramount Enterprises.

As the CEO of Paramount Enterprises, Marcos oversees the daily operations of the company in addition to assisting in the financial and strategic planning for the company. Marcos also enjoys working with entrepreneurs to grow their business and see success.

Marcos currently serves as the Municipality Liaisonfor the Main Street Program contract secured by Paramount Enterprises. In this role, he works with municipal representatives from eight communities in Beaver County to revitalize their Main Street Commercial Corridors. Marcos maintains excellent communication with both the municipalities and the local revitalization organizations to ensure the goals of the strategic plan are achieved.

Together with his wife and partner, Trish O’Brien Digliodo, Marcos planned and developed the first Shared Office Space/CoWorking Space in Beaver County. Because opening a physical location for a new business can be risky and cost-prohibitive, the Digliodos brought Paramount Co-Op to Ambridge in an effort to help revitalize the Main Streets of Beaver County.

Fun Facts:

  • Spanish is his first language. Marcos learned English in 3 months when he was accepted to university in the United States.
  • Marcos makes the BEST coffee in the office!
  • If you want to mess with him, take his personalized coffee mug and use it.
  • Marcos is the favorite parent of Hamilton!

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