About Us

At Paramount Co-Op, we’ve created a workplace that takes “office space” to a whole new level — mixing community, inspiration, knowledge and collaboration to bring new life to your work. It’s a place to collaborate. Get creative. Inspire a fellow entrepreneur. Make business deals. Meet new people.

Located just 15 miles from Pittsburgh, Paramount Co-Op is outfitted with a variety of workspaces to best fit your needs. Opt for our Coworking space, a dedicated desk or lease a fully-equipped private office space. Just want a place to hold client meetings? We have an awesome conference room. And when it’s time for a break, head to the Creation Hub for a game of pool in a cool environment.

While fast wi-fi and killer coffee are definitely a reason to join our community, the connections you make at Paramount Co-Op are invaluable. Instead of working alone, you now have a team of coworkers helping to improve, grow and promote your business.




Work in an environment with built-in professional connections - where every day brings new connections with amazing professionals and potential clients. Paramount Co-Op is a community of professionals that inspires, motivates and encourages you, both personally and professionally. As a member, you gain unlimited access to the collective intelligence and experience of our entire community. Whether you are starting a new business or growing an established business, the programs at Paramount Co-Op are designed to provide relevant knowledge, skills and guidance.

Our Team

Marcos Digliodo
Co-Founder & CEO, Paramount Pursuits

Marcos also enjoys working with entrepreneurs to grow their business and see success.

Trish Digliodo
Co-Founder & President, Paramount Pursuits

Trish is the Co-Founder and President of Paramount Pursuits, a small business incubator program and coworking space in Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Lisa Purk
Business Mentor & Program Director

Lisa brings over 10 years of experience and talent related to business coaching. She is the founder and owner of Inner Fire Coaching LLC, where she worked with businesses and individuals as a Life and Communications Coach.

Rick Purk
Director, Paramount Pursuits

Rick is the engine that keeps the Paramount staff organized and running smoothly. He’s often the first point of contact for entrepreneurs seeking assistance and is the “face” of Paramount to new visitors, guests and clients.

Matthew Bresnahan
Marketing Specialist

Matthew is a Marketing Specialist with Paramount Enterprises

Hamilton Digliodo,
Security Specialist

Upon entering the Paramount Co-Op offices, you will be greeted by Security Specialist Hamilton Digliodo.